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A better way to manage your SAP landscape

Our Services


We can work with your project team to use formal tools like SAP's Quicksizer, together with ad-hoc tools for some SAP solutions, to plan your infrastructure for on-premise deployments. For cloud projects, sizing is simplified as you don't need to start with servers that have to last for several years, as you can grow as needed. Nevertheless, we recommend calculating the expected growth in 3 years to have an estimate on what your total cost will be.

Based on our operation processes and continuous monitoring, we can help you grow your infrastructure as needed and keep your costs down.

Installation and Update

We install and configure your SAP landscape based on documented best practices for the corresponding SAP solution, database and operating system, to deliver the best possible performance, availability and security. We also help you keep your landscape up-to-date with regular support package update projects, critical for keeping your systems in a supported and secure state.

Upgrade and conversion

When your SAP system is nearing it's end-of-support date, or you need access to the new functionalities provided by an upgrade from, for example, ECC 6.0 to S/4HANA, an upgrade - or conversion to S/4HANA - is required. This could also be tied to a database or operating system upgrade. We will work side by side with your functional team on your upgrade project, contributing our experience and insights.


Your migration to another hosting provider, or to the cloud, has several details to consider, such as the connectivity to your offices or to your legacy systems. We can help you with your migration project to reduce the time your systems will be unavailable during the move, minimizing the impact to your business and your internal and external customers.

Rise with SAP management

If you move to SAP's cloud offering, they will take over some of your Basis requirements and day-to-day administration. We can help you take care of the rest. We will also provide the proactive recommendations you need to keep your systems running smoothly and lean, and we'll be the counterpart to Rise with SAP, providing the technical knowledge that interacting with the service requires.

We optimize your SAP operation

The day to day operation of your SAP landscape is critical to keep your systems running smoothly, as well as to avoid unneeded downtime and to be prepared for audits. Our SAP certified consultants specialize in SAP Technical Operations and can help you with tasks like:

  • User Administration

  • Job Administration

  • Advanced Monitoring

  • Backup & Restore

  • Disaster Recovery Planning

Our offering

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