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Your SAP Basis Partner

Let us help you through your SAP journey

From the implementation project to your day to day operation, and then your upgrade or migration to the Cloud, at A Services Team we can assist you in every step

Sizing, Installation and Update

We can help you size your on-premise or Cloud infrastructure to meet your project requirements, avoiding unnecessary costs.

The OS, databases and SAP systems are installed and updated according to our best practices to maximize performance and availability. 

Landscape Operation

We can help you run your SAP landscape, working together with your internal team or as your Basis Administration partner. Our processes include 24x7 monitoring to maximize performance and availability.

Upgrade and conversion

When the time comes to upgrade your system or convert to S/4HANA, we'll guide you through every technical step.

Rise with SAP management

If you move to SAP's cloud offering, we can be your Basis counterpart to SAP's service to maximize your investment and keep your systems supervised.


If you're moving to another hosting provider or to the Cloud, we can help you minimize business disruption.


Our Team.
Your Partner.

In times of constant change, success depends not only on your ability to adapt, but also on choosing the right specialists to walk this path with you. Building and maintaining an internal team of SAP Basis specialists can be costly, so let A Services Team be your partner.

We have several years of experience helping our clients with their SAP projects and operation, in on-premise and cloud scenarios.

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